Zong brings Zong same price double the size offer

Zong brings Zong same price double the size offer

Zong brings none other than phenomenal feature for its consumers of Pakistan. Now you can easily avail all packages and offers with double incentives of Zong packages by using this feature. It provides a great facility for availing double incentives packages for using on regular basis. This is an amazing facility has generated from Zong and all the prepaid subscribers of this network can easily avail various offers of this network with double tariffs. This telecommunication is first network of Pakistan who has launched this feature for its valued customers for using any package with double incentives. Zong same price double the size offer provides double incentive of many packages of this network with same price. This is an amazing facility now all the subscribers who are connected with this network can easily avail double size incentives after activation this feature in single subscription rates.

This telecommunication always introduces fantastic service for its valued customers of Pakistan and it is best feature has launched from this network side for its consumers. All the cellular operators who are connected with this network can easily use calling feature, internet offers and SMS bundles with double incentives in same charges. This service is available only for prepaid customers of this network and they can easily activate this offer at anytime in a day without any problem. This telecommunication will surely give this kind of facility in future for prepaid customers of Pakistan. This is nation-wide service and all the subscribers can easily activate this service at anywhere in Pakistan, There are other telecommunication companies are launching an offer with reasonable charges and now this telecommunication has launched latest feature with double incentives for its valued consumers. The details of this facility are given as below.

How to subscribe Zong same price double the size offer:

  • Customers just need to activate this feature by dialing *22# and press call button.
  • Subscribers can easily select feature from menu list and chose for using on regular basis.

Zong Packages with Double Incentives:

Bundles Price On-Net minutes Off-net minutes SMS Mobile Internet Validity
Zong All-in-One Daily Rs. 20 80 4 800 80 MB 1 Day
All-in-One Weekly Rs. 100 700 35 700 300 MB 7 Days
All-in-One Monthly 500 Rs. 500 3,000 150 3,000 3,000 MB 30 Days
Flutter Daily Rs. 8 180   200 2 MB 1 Day
Flutter Weekly Rs. 50 1,260   1,400 Free Facebook 7 Days
Flutter Monthly Rs. 199 5,400   6,000 398 MB 30 Days
Hello 1 day Rs. 8 200   200 Free Facebook 1 Day
Hello 3 day Rs. 22 600   600 6 MB 3 Days
Hello 7 day Rs. 45 1,400   1,400 14 MB 7 days
Full Gup Rs. 5 150   200 Free Whatsapp 1 day
Perfect Package Rs. 12 2,520   200 80 MB 1 day
Circle Monthly Rs. 165 2,000 100     30 days
Content Bundles
Twitter Daily Rs. 2       40 MB 1 day
Whatsapp Daily Rs. 3       60 MB 1 day
Facebook Daily Rs. 5       100 MB 1 day
Social Pack Daily Rs. 10       1,000 MB 1 day
Zong Internet Packages
Daily Mini 20MB Rs. 5       40 MB 1 day
Daily Basic 100MB Rs. 15       200 MB 1 day
Daily Premium 200MB Rs. 25       400 MB 1 day
Weekly 700MB Rs. 70       1,400 MB 7 days
Monthly Mini 150MB Rs. 50       300 MB 30 days
Monthly Basic 500MB Rs. 150       1,000 MB 30 days
Monthly Premium 2GB Rs. 300       4 GB 30 days
Monthly Premium 4GB Rs. 650       8 GB 30 days
Monthly Premium Plus10GB Rs. 1,500       20 GB 30 days
Monthly Premium Plus 20GB Rs. 2,500       40 GB 30 days
Monthly Premium Plus 30GB Rs. 3,500       60 GB 30 days
Premium Add On Rs. 20       180 MB 1 day
Basic Add On Rs. 10 80 MB 1 day
Zong SMS Packages
Daily SMS Rs. 2.5     1,000   1 day
Daily SMS-Whatsapp Rs. 3.99     1,000 Free Whatsapp 1 day
Weekly SMS Rs. 10.99     2,400   7 days
Fortnightly SMS Rs. 50     15,000   15 days
Monthly SMS-Whatsapp Rs. 80     30,000 Free Whatsapp 30 days


How to check remaining resources Zong same price double the size offer:

  • Customers can check remaining resources by dialing *102#.
  • There are no charges for checking remaining resources.

Further Information:

  • This is limited time service.
  • This telecommunication keeps authority to de-activate this service at anytime without being informed of consumers.

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