Warid number call history – Check your number call history

Warid number call history - Check your number call history

Warid is the name of reliable and trust. This is highly reputed telecommunication service of Pakistan. It was really tough for Warid network service to win hearts of cellular users of Pakistan because they have launched after many years from other local telecom companies of Pakistan but they proved his level best and they got place on highly competitive telecom market of Pakistan. There are countless subscribers all over in Pakistan who connects with this telecommunication service and availing various kinds of telecom facilities on regular basis. Now days there are lot of people who want to check Warid call history for its own SIM because they also want to know and information about all the calling details and subscribers need to get details about calling time duration. Now this is possible for subscribers who connected with this telecommunication. Everyone wants to check of his packages and calling details because they get need to know how long time they communicated with friends through calling and all the customers also need call duration time information of his calling and they also need to know about other calling features information. All these kind of people who really want to get complete information about own Warid sim call history so now you can easily get details from your phone without any issue.

In the past this telecommunication was providing that service by using Warid Sign in but now days this facility is not available for its customers anymore yes this really surprising but that is true and according to our research this service has deactivated since June 2013 for online users of Warid and they are not getting that online web-care service of this telecommunication. There are lots of customers really like to check Warid ecare call history by using online web service of this telecommunication and they really appreciate that online facility to check all the call records and customers can use for other multiple tasks of voice features. This facility is inactive for all consumers and people are not able to view own SIM calling records from online facility. This network service received countless feedback regarding re-activation that feature and we hope they will activate once again that facility for its customers all over in Pakistan and subscribers can re-start to facilitate with this feature one more time by using internet facility.

Subscribers don’t need to worry anymore they can also check and view calling details from your cellular phone. All the customers can check and view details from call log option in mobile you can get information about calling history and also you can collect call durations and timing detail from that option. This option is available all in the cellular phones and you can also modify and remove any number. If you want to delete any call details so you can easily remove from yours cellular phone without any issue. This is default option in every cellular phone and all the mobile users easily avail that facility without any issue.

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