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Complete Details of Zong 3G,4G Packages

Zong always presents astonishing features and offers for its valued customers and this is only Telecommunication Company in Pakistan who is facilitating 3G and 4G service of its customers. This is newest telecommunication of Pakistan but now this network is big telecom brand of Country. There are countless cellular operators are connected with network service and enjoying multiple facilities on daily routine. This telecommunication superiority stance to serve a desirable facility of its customers and they always got success to fulfill that request of subscribers. This telecommunication reserves trademark to provide first time 4th generation service of subscribers, There other network companies are busy to introduce 3rd generation offers for users and this telecom is providing an exciting Zong 4G LTE packages of cellular operators who are connected with them. According to present tenure internet is important thing for people and nobody can spend a day without internet facility this telecom easily understand current scenario and they have launched a phenomenal 4G LTE packages of Zong for consumers. This telecom has categorized various 4th generation bundles in brilliant way for usage. The tariffs details are mentioned as below.

Zong Daily 4G LTE Packages:

The technology of 4th generation internet is very precious invention for Pakistanis because it has launched in Pakistan before couple of years ago. There is maximum internet users really want an excellent 4G feature to avail on daily routine. It provides an exceptional 4G daily packages of Zong for all the subscribers now people who are already joined with this network service can easily enjoy and get avail three different daily 4G options of this telecom. They are providing three options of 4G daily bundles and you can choose as per own choice.

  • Daily Mini:
  • Subscribers can activate that offer just write SMS “mini” and send into 6464.
  • 20 MBs volume is available in this feature.
  • The subscription charges are RS 5 for a day.
  • Daily Basic:
  • Consumers can get that bundle through SMS write text “db and send into 6464”.
  • 100 MBs bucket is available in this offer.
  • The activation rates are RS 15 per day.
  • Daily Premium:
  • Customers get subscribe that bucket via SMS write text “dp and send to 6464”.
  • Subscribers receive 200 MBs buckets to avail.
  • Charges are RS 25 per day.

Zong weekly 4G LTE Package:

This telecom has generated a single 4G package for weekly use. The tariffs and charges of that feature are truly astonishing and all the cellular operators of this network service are attracting to subscribe a phenomenal weekly 4G LTE Package of Zong to enjoy fastest internet service. This package has made for all those people who are really social and usually they communicate with friends through social websites and various mobile applications. Now you can easily connect with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsAPP and Instagram by using it. Details of tariffs are given as below.

  • You can activate weekly 4G bundle via SMS just type text “weekly and send into 6464”.
  • Subscribers receive 700 MBs bucket to enjoy fastest internet service for a week.
  • The activation charges are RS 70 with weekly validity.

Zong Monthly 4G LTE Packages:

As we all know android and i-phone operators are increasing day by day in Pakistan and mostly they consider avail internet facility by using Smartphones. In this modern era the demand of internet is high and countless mobile users prefer avail net facility through own cellular device. All these kinds of people just need a proper monthly feature to use internet technology. This type of users don’t need daily and weekly internet bundle because they know his/her net usage and they just consider monthly net feature to avail very warmly. This telecommunication is facilitating multiple varieties of monthly 4G offers for its valued customers from now all the cellular operators who are connected with this network can easily choose any monthly 4G LTE package of Zong to avail for next thirty days without an issue. Here is the list of 4G monthly offers.

Monthly Mini:

  • The subscriptions method is simple just write a text “m150MB and send to 6464”.
  • 150 MBs data bundles are available in this facility.
  • Charges are RS 50 with thirty days validity.

Month Basic:

  • Customers can subscribe that feature through SMS just type message “m500MB and send to 6464”.
  • Subscribers get 500 MBs 4G data volume after subscription.
  • The activation rates are RS 150 for a month.

Monthly Premium 1 GB:

  • Consumers can activate this bundle via texting just type SMS “m1GB and send to 6464”.
  • 1 GB bucket is available in this feature.
  • Charges are RS 250 with thirty days validity.

Monthly Premium 2 GB:

  • The activation process is just type SMS m2GB and send to 6464.
  • Users get 2 GBs bucket to use for a month.
  • The subscription charges are RS 300.

Monthly Premium 4GB:

  • Consumers get that offer through message just type SMS “m4GB and send to 6464”.
  • Consumers receive 4 GBs net volume.
  • The activation charges are RS 650 with thirty days validity.

Premium Plus 10 GB:

  • To get this feature just write SMS “m10GB and send to same number 6464”.
  • Subscribers receive 10 GBs bundle to use for a month.
  • The subscription rates are RS 1500.

Premium Plus 20 GB:

  • To get that bundle just type message “m20GB and send to 6464.
  • Users of this feature collect 20 GBs buckets for a month.
  • The activation rates are RS 2500.

Premium Plus 30 GB:

  • The activation procedures is simple just need to type SMS “m30GB and send to 6464.
  • Subscribers get 30 GBs 4G bundle with thirty days validity.
  • The activation charges are RS 3500.

How to subscribe Zong 4G Packages via dialing:

  • Prepaid customers can also activate all these offers by dialing *6464# and chose offer from the menu.
  • Postpaid customers can subscribe these 4G bundles by dialing *7788# and select offer from the menu list.
  • Above mention messaging subscriptions are not available for postpaid customers of this telecommunication.

Further information:

  • Subscribers can check remaining resources by dialing *102.
  • Click here to get details of Zong 3G Packages.
  • The tariffs and charges can be changed at anytime without any notification.

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