Zong brings Zong Conference Calling Service

Zong brings Zong Conference Calling Service

Zong brings an exceptional Conference calling service for its valued subscribers of Pakistan. This is a reliable service has generated from this network side for its valued customers of Pakistan now you can make conference call with two person in single time by using sim connection of this network. There are many customers really want for using conference calling service because it provides an option for making talk two person in a single time. There are other telecommunication brands of Pakistan are also giving same kind of facility of its valued customers. Ufone has already launched Ufone conference call service for its consumers of Pakistan but the interesting thing of Zong Conference Calling service that it is providing free of charges service of its valued customers. Now you can easily make Zong conference calling anywhere in Pakistan without any extra charges.

This telecommunication always launches packages and services for its valued customers with exceptional incentives and at this time it has introduced an amazing value added service for its subscribers of Pakistan in free of cost. There are countless cellular operators in Pakistan mostly like for using conference calls because this is very helpful for all those people who want make plan so they can easily talk with two person in single time and easily arrange plan or program through conference calling. This is also a very reliable for official person because they can easily talk with its co-workers during job timing and make small meeting through its mobile phone.

This is also very efficient facility for all cellular operators because through this service they can communicate two people in a single without any extra charges. In this modern era cellular operators really like for using new technology facility and now Zong has introduced an amazing service for its valued subscribers and they can easily avail an exceptional service without any extra charges. All the interested subscribers of this network who want to make conference call by using his/her Zong sim connection can easily avail this service without any issue. The details of procedure of this service are given as below.

How to use Zong conference calling service:

  • Customers just need to call one person and wait till his/her recipient pick the phone.
  • After, Customers add second phone number and make conference call.

Zong conference call charges:

  • Customers can avail this service in free of cost (No extra charges only calling rate will be applied)

Further Information:

  • This service is only available for Zong subscribers.
  • This valued added service of this network.
  • There are no hidden and extra charges.
  • Customers can add many people in single conference call.

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