Warid Daily, 3 Days, Weekly and Monthly 4G LTE Packages

Complete Details of Warid 3G, 4G LTE Packages

Warid is the first telecommunication of Pakistan who is facilitating 4th generation internet service for its customers. This is such a revolution technology has launched from this telecommunication side for its subscribers. Mobile users can’t imagine in the past that they will avail 4G fastest internet service by using mobile phone in Pakistan but this telecommunication made possible for customers and introduced first time 4th generation facility for its valued customers. There other local networks are serving 3G facility of users so this telecom is providing an exceptional latest 4G internet feature of all subscribers in Pakistan. Now all the cellular users who are connected with this telecom service can easily utilize a phenomenal 4th generation facility by using it. In this modern world all the new generation need a quality of internet service on his mobile phones that’s why they search latest technology internet facility to use so this telecommunication has introduced Warid 4G package with speedy net feature for its customers. This service is available in lot of cities and villages of Pakistan and customers get facilitate 4G in different cities of country without any issue. This network is tackling widest 4G coverage area and all the mobiles users who connect with this telecommunication can easily utilize that technology in various locations of Country. As we mention above they are first one who are serving 4th generation facility for customers in Pakistan and they have categorized 4G internet bundles with multiple options for consumers and all the various Warid 4G LTE packages are mentioned as below.

Warid Hourly 4G Package:

This is something unique offer has created from this telecom side. There are lots of people just need 4th generation package to utilize for an hour because they need to do some important works by using fastest internet service so this makes possible by using hourly feature. This network has created an excellent hourly 4th generation package for its consumers. Details and tariffs are available as below.

  • You can activate that feature by dialing code *200*415#.
  • You can also activate that deal through SMS just write text “DH4” sends to 7777.
  • Users receive 100 MBs internet volume for utilizing.
  • The charges of that feature are RS 10 plus tax.
  • The validity will be available of that deal for 4 hours.

Warid Daily 4G Packages:

This telecom brings daily 4G LTE offer for customers and all subscribers of this network service can easily utilize 4th generation internet facility to avail on daily basis. Maximum number of mobile users wants highly speed internet buckets to enjoy because they have lot of reasons to use internet facility with speedy service so this telecom has launched daily 4G packages of Warid for its valued subscribers. Get details of 4G deals for daily uses are mentioned as below.

  • Consumers can activate that deal by dialing *200*411#.
  • Subscribers can also activate through texting just write SMS “DH24” and send to 7777.
  • Consumers get 50 MBs internet volume to avail.
  • The subscription charges are RS 10.
  • This is daily subscription feature.

Warid 4G 3 Days Package:

  • The subscription procedure is dial code *200*437# and press call button.
  • Subscribers can also activate via SMS just write text “DB3” and send to 7777.
  • Subscribers receive 125 MBs 4G net bundle to facilitate for three days.
  • The subscription charges of feature are RS 25.
  • The validity will be available for 3 days into account.

Warid 4G Weekly Package:

In this tenure internet is compulsory thing for all the teenagers and there are lots of people who really want to avail different internet features to connect with his friends and relatives. Maximum people also wants internet feature to check official Emails and work sheet through internet from at home. All these kinds of people demand weekly internet buckets to avail without any issue. This telecommunication has introduced weekly 4G package of Warid for its users. They always provide offers with appropriate rates and they produced weekly bundle for consumers along with reasonable price and all the criteria people like students, official workers and house wives can easily afford weekly 4G buckets to enjoy fastest internet service. All the details of deal are mentioned as below.

  • The subscription procedure is very simple just need to dial code of *200*471# and press call button.
  • Users can also activate that feature just write SMS “WB1” and send into 7777.
  • The subscription charges are RS 50 plus tax.
  • Users get 250 MBs 4G bundle to avail for seven days.
  • This validity will be remained for a week into account.

Warid Monthly 4G Packages:

This telecommunication brings multiple monthly 4G offers for users with various varieties. They have created five different monthly 4G bundles for usage. They have separated five facilities options for consumers and various tariffs. Subscribers can easily get any 4G bundle for thirty days to get facilitate as per his own choice. All the customers know how much internet buckets they need to avail for a month and they have choices in this telecommunication because they are providing five different monthly 4G packages of Warid for subscriptions. Here are the lists of monthly internet deals of this telecommunication with complete details.

Monthly Mini:

  • Consumers can subscribe by dialing code *200*431# and press call button.
  • Consumers can also activate just write SMS “MBM” and send to 7777.
  • The subscription charges are RS 100 with 30 days validity.
  • Subscribers get 500 MBs internet bundle to avail for a month.

Monthly Value:

  • Subscribers can activate that deal by dialing code *200*432#.
  • Customers can also activate through SMS just write text “MBV” and send to 7777.
  • The activation rates are RS 200 plus tax.
  • Subscribers get 1 GB net buckets to utilize for a month.

Monthly Big:

  • To get big offer for a month just need to dial code *200*435# and press call button.
  • The second options is to get that bundle through texting just write SMS “MBB” and send into 7777.
  • The activation charges are RS 500 for a month.
  • Consumers receive 5 GBs net bundle to avail for a month.

Monthly Smart:

  • The activation procedure is simple just need to dial code *200*433# and press call button.
  • Customers can also activate via text just write SMS “MBS” and send into 7777.
  • Charges and rates of this offer are RS 300 with 30 days usage.
  • Users receive 2 GBs internet buckets after activation for a month.

Monthly Super Bucket:

  • Consumers can activate this offer just need to dial code *200*438# and press call button.
  • Customers can also subscribe that deal via SMS just write message “MHD” and send message into 7777.
  • The activation charges are RS 800 for a month.
  • Consumers get 8 GBs 4G internet volume to avail for next thirty days.

Further information:

  • All these offers are available for prepaid customers of Warid and Glow.
  • 2G bundles don’t work with that LTE feature.
  • RS 1 plus tax will be applied for subscription of feature via texting on 7777.
  • There are no other and hidden charges.
  • The rates and tariffs can be changed at anytime without any notification.

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