Ufone 3G Daily, Three days, Weekly and Monthly Packages

Complete Details of Ufone 3G Packages

UFONE is the best telecommunication of Pakistan who is serving mobile network service all over in Country from last many years. They have already succeeded to win hearts of countless cellular users in Pakistan and there are lots of people who rely on this telecommunication to use various mobile network facilities. As we all know 3G technology already launched in Pakistan after great efforts and finally 3G technology reached in Pakistan on 24th May 2014 and it will not be wrong if we say this telecom is first one to produce an exceptional UFONE 3G Packages to all his subscribers in Country. They are providing various 3G internet speed for the customers and starting from 256 Kbps to 3 Mbps and now days all the customers are enjoying countless 3G packages of UFONE for connecting with his friends and someone special on highly speedy internet. They have categorized 3G features with various kinds of offers and customers can choose as per his requirement.

UFONE daily 3G Packages:

This telecommunication has introduced quality of 3G internet bundles for customers. Now all the customers of this network service can easily utilize high quality and fast network service by using daily 3G packages of UFONE. Now we provide you updates regarding four different 3rd generations internet offer of this telecom service for a day.

  • Daily light bundle.
  • Daily heavy bundle.
  • Special daily 3G bundle.
  • Mega 3G Internet.

Daily light bundle:

  • Customers can subscribe this package just need to dial *804# and press call button.
  • Customers get 40 MBs 3G data to use for a day.
  • The subscription charges are RS 10 plus tax.
  • Validity will be remained for 24 hours in to user account.
  • Users can deactivate this facility by dialing 8804.

Daily Heavy Bundle:

  • Users can subscribe this deal just need to dial *8042# and press call button.
  • Subscribers get 75 MBs 3G data after activation this feature.
  • The validity for a day of this service.
  • The rates of this service are just RS 15 plus tax.
  • To de activate this feature just need to dial *4804#.

Special Daily 3G Bundle:

  • The subscription procedure is just need to dial *810#.
  • Subscribers get 50 MBs 3G facility in this feature.
  • The duration time is from 1am to 9pm in a day.
  • The charges to avail this offer are RS 5 plus tax.
  • The validity of this facility is for a day
  • To de activate this feature just write SMS “Unsub” and send to 7810.

Mega Internet Bundle:

  • Subscribers can get this feature just need to dial *550#.
  • Consumers get 5120 MBs 3G data after subscription that deal.
  • The subscription charges are RS 6 plus tax.
  • Time duration is from 12 am to 12 pm.
  • This is daily base service.
  • To de-activate that feature just need to dial *5501#.

UFONE 3 Days 3G packages:

This is unique feature has launched by this telecommunication side for the users. Now customers can buy 3 days facility 3G internet offer to connect with his friends and enjoy multiple things via using this deal. All the tariffs and offers are mentioned as below.

  • You can get this feature just need to dial *3350#.
  • Subscribers get 100 MBs 3G data in this facility.
  • The charges to avail this offer are just RS 25 plus tax.
  • The validity is for 3 days of this facility.

UFONE weekly 3G Packages:

This telecommunication is launching a phenomenal weekly 3G packages of UFONE. Customers can avail fastest 3rd generation internet facility to enjoy with affordable rates. They have launched multiple weekly 3G facilities for his valued customers and users can subscribe offer as per his desire for using weekly basis. Following are 3G deals for a week given as below.

  • Weekly light bundle.
  • Weekly heavy bundle.

Weekly light bundle:

  • Consumers can subscribe this offer need to dial *7811# and press call button.
  • This feature gives 250 MBs net bundle of consumers.
  • The rates of this feature are RS 50 plus tax.
  • The activation validity is for seven days.

Weekly Heavy Bundle:

  • The subscription procedure is need to dial *7815# and press call button.
  • Users receive 500 MBs 3G bucket to use.
  • The rates of this facility are RS 125 plus tax.
  • This is weekly base offer for subscribers.

UFONE monthly 3G packages:

This telecom company produces various capacity internet deals for consumers. All the people get know how much GB they utilize for a month and they can select different kinds of 3G buckets as per his requirement. To get details monthly 3G packages of UFONE are mentioned as below.

  • Monthly 1GB Bucket.
  • Monthly 3GB Bucket.
  • Monthly 10GB Bucket.

Monthly 1 GB Bucket:

  • To get this feature just dial *7807# and press call button.
  • Subscribers receive 1024 MBs internet service through this facility.
  • The charges of this bucket are RS 250 plus tax.
  • The validity will be remained for next 30 days after subscriptions.

Monthly 3GB Bucket:

  • You can activate this facility just dial *803# and enjoy this fantastic monthly bucket.
  • Users get 3096 MBs net facility in this deal.
  • The rates of subscriptions are RS 500 plus tax.
  • This is monthly base offer for consumers.

Monthly 10GB bucket:

  • Activation process is just need to dial *5100# and get this deal.
  • Consumers get 10240 MBs to avail for next thirty days.
  • The charges to avail that feature RS 1000 plus tax.
  • This is 30 days activation deal.

UFONE 3G Daily Social Buckets:

  • This service provides Facebook, Twitter, WhatsAPP and many others are completely free.
  • Customers get this deal just dial *4242# and press call button.
  • This is per day subscription deal.
  • The rates to avail this facility are RS 5 plus tax.
  • You can de-activate that deal just write SMS “Unsub” and send into 5444.

UFONE 3G Monthly Social Buckets:

  • Consumers can activate this bucket just dial *5858# and press call button.
  • Consumers can utilize Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and others in this feature.
  • The charges of this bucket are RS 50 plus tax for one month.

Further Details:

  • To check remaining volume of UFONE 3G bundles just dial *706# and receive all the information about your buckets.
  • This service is only for prepaid subscribers.
  • You can also get full details about 3rd generations bundles by dialing *3#.

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