Telenor 3G Daily, 3 Days, Weekly and Monthly Packages

Complete Details of Telenor 3G Packages

A well liked telecommunication brand is telenor which is proving itself the best in Pakistan. Customers of telenor trust the best services provided by this telecom facility and that is why telenor is becoming the widespread communication in Pakistan. Moreover telenor is the biggest and well commercialized telecom company which is always up to the level in surprising their customers with new packages and schemes. If you don’t have knowledge, then let me tell you that on May 2014, they have won proffer of 3rd generation internet feature and now they have started such a tremendous job in providing the 3G service to their customers which any other network cannot beat easily. This is because the coverage of its 3G services are so extended, all around the Pakistan, not only this but their 3G coverage is getting more wide on daily basis. A normal person cannot understand the reach of people and their trust for telenor services. Furthermore, day by day people are joining them by buying their communication sim cards. Now the question is why people do believe on them? So here is the simplest answer, charges of every package and the range that provided by each package is just up to the right level of what people want. People who are students as their professions, needs some cheap packages of calls and internet nowadays. Telenor telecom services are one of the kindest communication companies that reveal the cheapest and inexpensive bundles of their resources. In order to experience the fastest internet system, telenor 3G internet buckets are magnificent in affordable ranges. A single service in a whole bundle conveys a separate quality features. Let’s go through with those details:

Telenor 3G Hourly packages:

  • Members can initiate telenor 3G hourly bundle by simply dialing *345*981#
  • Its initiation charges are only Rs 6 + tax.
  • This service provides users 500MBs to surf in next 1 hour.
  • Hour can be enjoyable with this inexpensive hourly bundle.

Telenor Daily 3G packages:

People who are daily users are much in need of getting daily packages and those too which use cell phones less with packages. They always search for offers which are reliable for hours and can provide good ranges. Students and more likely researchers that faces too much busy schedules and thus could not find a way to get a Wi-Fi connection everywhere with them, always looking for such bundles to initiate internet access from anywhere. And when we say that telenor is the one that is on the top of the list in providing out stand 3G ranges and data to its customers, then it will not be wrong at all because it recently has been won the award for best internet features. So don’t miss any of the single service from this bucket to avail the best of telenor. Let’s check it out:

Daily bundle:

  • For getting/activating daily bundle, simply dial *345*131# and make a call on this.
  • Charges offered by this service are only Rs16 + tax
  • What it offers? 500 MBs internet for a whole day to enjoy!
  • It will be for one day subscription. Re-subscribe for another day.

Daily Plus Bundle:

  • For getting/activating this daily plus bundle, simply dial *345*132# and make a call on this.
  • Charges offered by this service are only Rs 30
  • What it offers? 200 MBs internet bucket for next 24 hours!
  • It will be for one day subscription, Re-subscribe for another 24 hours.

3G Daily Unlimited Bundle:

  • For the activation of 3G Daily Unlimited Bundle, customers need to dial *345*139# and make a call on this.
  • Charges offered by this service are only Rs 9 + tax.
  • What it offers? 1 GB internet data for a day!
  • It also has one day validity service.

3G Daily Lite Bundle:

  • To activate 3G Daily Lite bundle simply dial *345*141# and make a call on this.
  • Charges offered by this service are only Rs 12.
  • What it offers? 50 MBs internet package for a day!
  • Same as others, it also has one day validity feature.

Telenor 3 Days 3G package:

Telenor reveals some best offers related to its 3G services. Telenor 3 days 3G package is all about internet data MBs and GBs for regular 3 days. Not only can this but you also get other offers too by using this bucket on regular and proper basis. So let’s get started what we need to do is mentioned below:

  • To get telenor 3 days 3G package just dial *345*133# and make a call on this.
  • Charges offered by this service are Rs. 40 + tax.
  • What it offers? 300 MBs internet volume for 3 days!
  • It has deactivation feature after 3 days.

Other offers are: you can get extra 300 MBs only by browsing face book by using the same bundle MBs.

Telenor weekly 3G packages:

Telenor is a master brand in the field of 3G facilities. Especially for those who are consistent internet users such as business persons, students or researchers. Mailing, transferring data and other important stuff can be easily handled by telenor’s fastest internet avail abilities. Basically weekly buckets may help a person to feel free from daily activation’s and can consume their internet bucket regularly for a week. So here are some mesmerizing and indulging offers that can ease their customers with daily puzzle doms. Another great thing is that what this service offers and the range of its rates. Both of these complications are now solved with telenor’s 3G internet weekly package. So if you are telenor’s customer and want to avail excellent internet data buckets in reasonable rates go ahead and check the details.

  • Telenor users just need to dial *345*134# and press ok to make a call, in order to activate telenor weekly 3G packages.
  • Charges offered by this availability are just Rs 75 + tax. (Isn’t it cool?)
  • What this service offer? Subscribe now to get 750 MBs to consume whole week. (Whoa!)
  • After a week of activation, validity will be ended. You will have to subscribe again for more.

Other bonus offers are: in case of browsing daily motion site by using this bundle, you can get bonus 500 MBs.

Telenor monthly 3G packages:

Here is another amazing deal for those users who are as busier in their scheduled work that it is very difficult for them to handle activation, re activation, DE-activation issues. Telenor introduces a monthly internet package through telenor monthly 3G packages. This is worth getting and worth consuming for such persons. Just get this service and feel free for 30 days without any complications of re-issuing of bundles. People who are interested in this offer can check details of different packages which comes with 30 days validity, are mentioned below:

3G monthly starter bundle:

  • To get this bundle just dial *345*935# and press ok to call.
  • Charges offered by this bundle are Rs 299 + tax.
  • What it offers? Get 2250 MBs internet data to consume within 30 days.
  • Valid for whole month.

3G monthly bundles:

  • To get this bundle just dual *345*135# and press call.
  • Charges offered by this bundle are just Rs 470 + tax.
  • What it offers? Subscribers can consume 4 GB internet data for next 30 days!
  • Also has one month validity feature.

3G monthly Plus Bundle:

  • To activate 3G monthly plus bundle just press these digits, *345*136# and press call.
  • Charges offered by this 3G bundle are Rs 1000 + tax.
  • What it offers? 10500 MBs are included in this phenomenal bundle for next 30 days!
  • Activated for only a month, you can get that offer by subscribing again.

Method of unsubscribing any telenor 3G bundles:

Telenor gives its customers free hand without any hidden tricks of getting more money. So telenor customers can get deactivation of any service after its validation time period. You will need to subscribe again if you want further bundles ahead.

Further Details:

  • Djuice and talkshawk users both can avail these 3G internet buckets.
  • All the rights reserved for changing any of the offer’s tariff or rates of certain buckets are in the hands of telenor telecom service without informing customers.
  • Moreover, telenor telecommunication is responsible to DE-activate any offer at anytime deprived of informing its customers.

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