How to subscribe Warid 3 day bundle offers

How to subscribe Warid 3 day bundle offers

Warid brings a versatile complete package for its customers. Now you can enjoy multiple things by using Warid 3 day bundle. This is an exciting feature has launched from this telecommunication for his valued customers. Now all the cellular operators who are connected with this telecommunication can use three varieties service by using that feature. Warid always introduces phenomenal packages for its valued customers, at this time they have done brilliant work to generate complete package for its consumers. Subscribers can use calling, texting and internet facilities by using that offer for next three days. This is really efficient service for all the cellular operators who mostly use mobile phones for do multiple things like calling, texting and browsing through internet so all these facilities are available in Warid 3 day bundle offer for customers.

This feature has launched before couple of days ago but the popularity and demand are increasing quickly day by day of this package. We can also watch electronic advertisement about this offer but we think this amazing offer doesn’t need any kind of promotion because the charges and tariffs of this bundle easily attract of customers. It will make most popular feature of this telecommunication in next few days. Customers can make unlimited phone calls on same network numbers for three days that’s not end this offer also provides free-calling minutes to call on other local networks of Pakistan. This is something unique and special for subscribers mostly other telecommunication company launches free-calling minutes for same network but at this time Warid provides astonishing deal of customers by providing free-calling minutes for other networks. Customers get avail countless SMS buckets by using it. This is also preferable for internet lovers because this package is facilitating fastest internet LTE service with huge bundle of MBs internet data.

This offer has created for all those people who lives far from his/her home and they usually want to talk with wife or husband on daily routine. This feature has for all those people who want to make lengthy calls many times in a day so they can make possible by using that feature because the charges and incentives are extremely best in this facility. The incentives charges are reasonable and subscribers can activate that offer with affordable rates, as per suggestion this bundle has made for all those people who mostly communicate through call so now you can make unlimited phone calls by using that feature without any issue.

How to activate Warid 3 day bundle:

  • Consumers can activate this deal by dialing *99*1#.
  • Subscribers receive confirmation message from help-center of the activation after subscription.

Tariffs Details:

  • Consumers get 300 free minutes to call on same network numbers.
  • Customers get 30 free minutes to cal on other local networks of Pakistan.
  • Subscribers receive 500 SMS buckets to avail on any other local networks of Pakistan.
  • Subscribers get 500 MBs LTE internet data to avail for next three days.
  • The validity of this offer is for 3 days.


  • The subscription charges are RS 60 plus tax.
  • Call setup charges are RS 0.12 will be apply.
  • Tax subscription charges are RS 1.

How to check free resources of Warid 3 days Bundle:

  • Consumers can check remaining resources by dialing *200*515#.
  • There are no charges to check remaining resources.

How to UN-Subscribe Warid 3 day bundle:

  • Subscribers can de-activate that feature by dialing *99*2#.
  • The de-activation charges RS 1 will be deducted from subscribers account.

Further Information:

  • This facility is available for prepaid customers.
  • This network service has rights to de-activate that feature at anytime without informing of users.
  • This telecommunication reserves authority to change or vary charges and incentives of this service.
  • Standard taxes will be applied for sure.

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