Dial *6666# and get Zong Internet SIM Offers/Bundles

Dial *6666# and get Zong Internet SIM Offers/Bundles

Zong introduces amazing service for its valued subscribers of Pakistan. It is launching Zong Internet SIM offer for using speedy Internet service of this telecommunication. Zong is working really phenomenal for promoting internet service throughout in Pakistan. It is also doing campaign in rural area for promoting internet service in village places of Pakistan. Now it has launched Internet SIM option for using non-stop internet service with speedy service. As we all know internet usage is compulsory thing in Pakistan and there are many people are available in Country who cannot spend single hour without using internet feature. Internet gives option for connecting with his/her friends through this service and it also really helpful for online studying. Zong always brings offer with exceptional service and finally it has introduced Zong Internet SIM option for using internet service in reasonable charges.

Zong is providing multiple internet SIM bundles with various validity dates. Subscribers can activate monthly or three-month bundles for using internet SIM offer. It is also providing Good Night Bundle and Day Time Bundle with excellent internet incentive. Now all internet lovers can easily connect with his/her friends or buddies anytime in day by using this phenomenal offer. This service is available all across in Pakistan and subscribers can activate any internet bundle by using Zong Internet SIM with correctly. Get the complete details of various Zong Internet SIM bundles from the below.

Monthly Bundles:

  • There are three categories monthly bundles.

  • 10 GB.
  • 24 GB.
  • 50 GB.

10 GB Bundle:

  • The usage charges of 10 GB bundle are RS 800 only.
  • The validity of this offer is a month.

30 GB Bundle:

  • The usage charges of 24 GB bundle are RS 1500 only.
  • The validity of this feature is one month.

50 GB Bundle:

  • The charges of this 50 GB bundle are RS 2000 only.
  • The validity of this feature is one month.

3 Months Bundles:

  • There are two categories of Zong 3 month bundles.
  • 3GB per month wise.
  • 10GB per month wise.

3 GB:

  • The charges of 3GB bundle are RS 1000 only.
  • Subscribers will get 3GB internet incentive per month wise for usage in this offer.
  • The validity for using this offer is for three months.

10 GB:

  • The charges of this bundle are RS 1800 only.
  • Customers will get 10 GB incentive per month wise for usage in this feature.
  • The validity of this bundle is 3 months.

Good Night Offer (GNO):

  • Subscribers will get 1 GB internet bundle for using per night.
  • Subscribers can use this bundle between timing (1 am to 9 am).

Day Time Offer (DTO):

  • Consumers will get 1 GB internet incentive for using per day wise.
  • Consumers can avail this bundle between timing (9am to 4pm)

How to Subscribe Zong Internet SIM Bundles:

  • Subscribers just need to Dial *6666# and then follow the instruction of menu for activation any bundle for using.

Further Information:

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