How Can You Use Receiving SMS Services

Do you know which was the first SMS sent ever when the short message service appeared back in 1992? It was “Merry Christmas!”. With the lapse of time ordinary people have almost refused from sending messages from their mobiles in favour of social networks. Nevertheless, the services are still alive. Moreover, they are on a high demand among many businesses. 

Usage of SMS Receiving Services

If you have no idea why would you need to use such services or if you still have doubts regarding cooperation with them, here are the ways how one can use them. 

Account Authentication 

This is probably the most demanded reason for receiving sms online . Being buried under the thousands of SIM-cards is not very comfortable. The services in discussion offer thousands of directories for authentication SMS receiving.

Loss of Account

Since online SMS services offer not only disposable directories, but also directories for rent, you can always safe an account that has been banned for some reason. The SMS will be delivered on the same number that you used during account registration. 


Online SMS usage comes in help when a person does not want to share personal information wants to protect it. 

Switch of Countries

Most services offer a variety of countries around the globe which means that you can choose any country that suits your needs better.

No Attaching

One does not have to be attached to a certain place or country to use these units. For example, your business managers can be situated in any place of the world where they can use Internet. 

Each SMS receiving service has its advantages and disadvantages. It should be a great idea to study them before cooperating with one. While choosing such a service you should pay attention to:

  • Security

  • Availability of numbers

  • Types of numbers

  • Price policy

  • Choice of countries

  • Free trials

Onlinesim is a safe SMS receiving service. More than 10000 directories are available. It offers both disposable numbers and numbers for rent. The first ones start from $0,02 for a directory and the second ones are available from $0,52 for a directory. Besides, the rent can be extended upon the client’s wish. Onlinesim offers more than 30 countries around the globe. 

This service provides not only paid options, but also virtual number sms free so the clients could assure in every aforementioned detail. SMS authentication on various Web-sites and social media will take several minutes only. Each number belongs to one customer and cannot be stolen by someone else. In case any questions arise, Onlinesim customer support is available around-the-clock.