5 reasons to use snippet manager SnipperApp 2 for developers

Programming is a routine process. You should always focus on the correctness of the code, observe the structure and syntax. It is valid for all people who write code for sites, applications, templates, and any software products. If you want every snippet on mac to be consolidated in one place and working correctly, then you need SnipperApp 2. Here are five reasons that will become your real motivator for action.

Storage synchronization

Local file storage is relevant for those who work alone. But what if you need snippets in the cloud? For example, you went on a trip and want to work on your laptop. Also, many programmers work in a team, and you need to send the code to colleagues quickly. In this case, iCloud and GitHub Gist storage synchronization will help you. Now you can access your code anywhere in the world.

Create & restore snippets from backups

Data loss is a nightmare for every programmer. If you do not want to set a record for fast typing of characters, then you better use backups. SnipperApp 2 has a corresponding option. It is a great option to preserve nerve cells.

120+ languages syntax highlighting

No one wants to create code notes with errors. Syntax problems may push the development phase a few steps back. Convenient work with code is the best that you can think of for a programmer. Support for more than 120 programming languages guarantees you easy work with any code sections, regardless of the complexity of the project.

Quick snippets importing

Now you can quickly import any sections of code and start working anywhere. A user-friendly interface helps you save and organize your files and even see invisible characters. It is great for daily work. Importing snippets is an excellent option for those who want to organize their work and automate many routine processes. Now you do not need to do many things manually, as you can use the corresponding option in the application.

Dark and light themes & showing of line numbers

Work with the code should be comfortable. Your eyes get a lot of work, and you probably don't want to wear glasses after a couple of years of work. Dark and light themes will help you work more comfortably at night and even save battery power. Line numbers are also convenient in everyday work. You can structure your code, leave comments, and know where to edit sections with syntax. It is only part of the features that are available to all users of SnipperApp 2. By going to the site, you can learn more. It is a great tool that saves time and improves productivity.