Mobilink Jazz 2G Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly and 3 Months

Complete Detail of Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages

Mobilink is the first network service of Pakistan who started to give telecommunication facility for Pakistani people. This network has really worked to get place in national market of Country and now this is best telecommunication company of Pakistan. It has countless subscribers throughout in Country and largest cellular operators connected with this network service. It always introduces exceptional features for its valued customers and it believes to give excellent network service for consumers all over in Pakistan.  This telecommunication reputation is an excellent and there are lots of cellular operator trusts on this network service. In this modern 21st century internet is highly required things for people and now people use internet feature to do multiple tasks. It is an easy to communicate with your friends within seconds by using internet and you can also buy any product through online shopping through net facility. Maximum people also use multiple social media websites to enjoy life and all these kinds of people really want an excellent quality internet service on his/her mobile phones. In this present era the demands of smart phone is also increasing in Pakistan and cellular operators also need internet facility on his/her mobile phones. This telecommunication is providing phenomenal Mobilink internet packages for its consumers and users can easily avail fastest internet plans with reasonable charges of this network company. It claims and serving widest internet facility throughout in Pakistan and all the subscribers who connected with this network can easily avail various internet facilities of this telecommunication in affordable rates. It has categorized multiple options of internet plans for its valued customers and the details with complete information are given as below.

Mobilink Jazz Daily Internet Packages:

This telecommunication has introduced various internet plans for daily usage and subscribers can easily activate any daily bundle offer to avail for 24 hours. It has introduced multiple varieties for customers and they can easily get an offer to use as per own choice. It always gives efficient service with affordable charges of its consumers and it has launched internet plans with cheap charges in telecom market. To get complete information about daily internet packages of Mobilink Jazz are given as below.

  • Daily Mini.
  • One Day Bundle.
  • Daily Bundle.
  • Late Night Offer.

Daily Mini:

  • The activation process is just need to dial *114*3# and press call button.
  • The subscription rates are RS 1.
  • Customers get 1 MB internet volume for 24 hours.
  • Consumers can UN-subscribe this plan by dialing *114*3*4#.

One Day Bundle:

  • The subscription procedure is simple just need to dial *114*1# and then press call button.
  • The activation charges are RS 14.32.
  • Consumers receive 100 MBs volume to avail for a day.
  • Consumers can UN-subscribe an offer by dialing *114*13*4#.

Daily Bundle:

  • Customer can activate that plan by dialing *114*1*4# and then press call button.
  • The subscription charges are RS 11.94.
  • Subscribers get 50 MBs volume buckets.
  • The process to de-activate an offer just need to dial *114*1*4# and press call button.

Jazz Late Night Offer:

  • Customers can get this plan via dialing *114*2#.
  • The activation rates are RS 3.99.
  • Customers get 100 MBs internet volume to for single night.
  • Users can avail that plan in limited time period between (12 am to 8 am)
  • Customers can de-activate this deal through dialing *114*2*4#.

Mobilink Jazz 3 Day Bundle:

This network is providing 3 days offer for its valued customers. The subscription details and charges are motioned as below with complete information.

  • Customers can activate this deal by dialing *114*8# and then press call button.
  • The activation rates are RS 21.51 with three days validity.
  • Subscribers receive 300 MBs internet in this plan.
  • Users can de-activate that feature by dialing *114*8*4#.

Mobilink Jazz weekly internet packages:

This telecommunication has launched an exciting internet features for daily usage so how it can possible it will not offer terrific internet plans to activate for weekly basis. The demands of weekly features are increasing day by day and many cellular operators search weekly internet feature to use with correctly. Weekly offer provides good incentives features and customer just need to activate an offer single time in a week. Mostly people who avail internet through his/her cellular phones so they consider for using weekly internet plans. The details of weekly internet packages of Mobilink Jazz are mentioned as below.

  • Weekly Bundle.
  • Weekly Nimbuzz Bundle.

Weekly Bundle:

  • Subscribers can activate this plan by dialing *114*7# and then press call button.
  • The subscription charges are RS 41.81 with weekly validity.
  • Consumers get 500 MBs internet volume to avail for seven days.
  • The validity of this plan is for a week.
  • Customers can UN-subscribe that deal by dialing *114*7*4#.

Nimbuzz Bundle:

  • Consumers can easily activate this plan just need to dial *114*12# and then press call button.
  • The activation charges are RS 12.
  • Subscribers can only get unlimited use of Nimbuzz Messenger.
  • The validity of this plan is for a week.
  • Users can de-activate that deal by dialing *114*12*4#.

Mobilink Jazz Monthly Internet Packages:

Mostly cellular operators want an internet service in his/her cellular phones for a month and they only use internet by using mobile phones so these kinds of people want a single package for a month and this telecommunication is providing exceptional internet options to avail for thirty days. Now customers can choose monthly internet packages of Mobilink Jazz to use for a month with reasonable charges.

Monthly Bundle:

  • The subscription procedure is simple just need to dial *114*30# and get this plan.
  • The activation rates are RS 119.49.
  • Customers receive 200 MBs buckets to avail for a month.
  • Users can de-activate this plan by dialing *114*30*4# and then press call button.

Super Monthly Bundle:

  • Consumers can get that deal via dialing *114*33#.
  • The subscription charges are RS 179.24.
  • Subscribers get 1 GB internet volume to for thirty days.
  • Consumers can UN-subscribe that deal through dialing *114*33*4#.

Mobilink Jazz 3 Months Package:

  • Consumers can activate this offer by dialing *114*19# and then press call button.
  • Subscribers can get this plan in just RS 300.
  • Users receive 3 GB internet buckets to use for 90 days.
  • The validity of this feature is for 3 months.
  • To de-activate this deal just dial *114*19# and press call button.

Pay As You Go:

  • Subscribers can get 1 MB internet volume without any feature in RS 21.51.
  • This plan can use all the Mobilink Jazz and Jazba internet plans.

Further Information:

  • This telecommunication has authority to change incentives and rates at anytime of features without informing of subscribers.
  • There are no hidden and extra charges.
  • Consumers can also avail other internet offers of this network with these plans.

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